The white jasmines were scattered everywhere, the lovely scent of spring was engulfing the place, and the sun was reaching out to every corner and spreading warmth and love. He was back to visit memories and families.
Long years have passed since he started his soul searching journey. However, it has all started in the old sector of the city and here he was running to the same place once more . He never believed that life could be kinder until he was with her again!
The street was buzzing and the noise was deafening. Still, he found his inner tranquility in the instant rejuvenation of his long abandoned small world.
“I missed you”. He said
“Me too”. He heard her whispering
“I never stopped loving you”. He murmured
“Me too”. She clearly replied
“I will be back again”. He promised
“I will be always waiting”. He swears that was her answer
He left her as usual and went back to his self-inflicted exile. However, this time he faced a new version of reality; greed, desire, guilt and different dreams were forming, growing, gradually surrounding her, torturing and tormenting her, and threatening her eternal existence. He never expected life to be so cruel until he started to fear losing his Damascus forever!


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