New Year 2016

In a parallel universe and many years ago, 2016 was the year everything changed.
The nations’ leaders of that universe met together at the start of that pivotal year, agreed the definition of villain, unified the use of the word all over their planet, and terminated all creatures that fit the definition. However, they became bored as they felt too safe, so they widened the definition of the word, and enjoyed killing more creatures. Then, and before too long, they were bored again as they felt too safe, so they widened the definition of villan even more, and killed some more creatures, and so on so forth.
By the end of 2016 in that far away world, only few of the nations’ leaders were then alive. Some stories talked about 5, some said 7 and some suggested 20. The maximum number mentioned was 193 leaders. They played cards and board games and occasionally performed a physical act of intimacy. Every now and again, the group sacrificed one leader and killed and ate him. This practice continued until the two most powerful leaders were left, they felt bored so quickly, so they immigrated to a what was then a newly found planet. They called it the Earth.
The story goes on to claim that somehow they forgot their past, integrated with the newly discovered creatures, and lived happily ever after.
I wish you all a happy but not so dramatic 2016


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