He was deemed ready.  It was about time that he was introduced to the herd. A special ceremony was needed, of which he was not informed.

Three men were waiting for him to enter the decorated room. He found them sitting on the floor with their legs crossed. He thought they were overdressed for the occasion.  He was asked to kneel down and drink the welcoming red then kiss the ring of wisdom.  To his bemusement, he obeyed despite the strong urge to run away that engulfed him.  He was made to calm down and asked to concentrate on the importance of the occasion.  He was reminded that he was about to receive the largest secret of life.  He was told that he earned the right to be there by reaching the age and showing enough signs of curiosity.

He was guided to a room that he never knew existed.  A bearded man in a white robe was waiting.  He listened to this man talking, but instantly started to struggle under the enormous weight thrown over his shoulders.

Instead of arriving at a stage of enlightenment as promised, he realised that his journey of contradictions and soul searching has just started. He spent the thousands nights that followed wishing that he was never deemed ready to be initiated!!


1 thought on “Initiation”

  1. Life will always offer us awakenings, challenges and turning points, it’s all about the choices we make. We are the authors of our destinies. A very interesting read.

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