imageThe water well was in the centre of the courtyard of his grandparents’ village house. It was near the grape trees and not so far from the mulberry trees. It was well preserved but rarely used. Its walls were colored white with shades of decaying grey. Its mouth was covered with a thick scrappy metal sheet that was fixed down by the weight of randomly distributed stones.

The water well was the centre of many stories about ghosts, walking skeletons, snakes and mysterious creatures. They all lived inside it and were ready to eat any child that dared to uncover it.  Even worse, they were ready to kidnap any child and hide him away from his parents inside a maze of murky water caves.

Still, the well was so luring; he remembers clearly uncovering it on number of occasions, he actually remembers daring to look down to see the clear but black and far layer of water. He also recalls sessions of throwing small and large stones into it and hearing them as they slapped the deep water. Screaming sounds always followed these sessions. On each occasion, he expected to finally see the creatures that lived deep down the well. But, for a strange reason, these sounds always turned out to be those of angry parents or relatives promising gruesome punishment.

Thirty years later, he believes that these stories were most probably told to frighten the kids, block their inquisitive minds and protect them from falling inside the well.

However, somehow he still regrets that he never went down the well to unravel its mysteries. An opportunity missed; that forbidden path is now abandoned and closed forever!


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