The Journey

On 9th of March 2002, I left my home on a journey
Back then, I followed my dreams and ambitions. I carried two bags of clothes and books. I also carried myriad but mostly awesome memories.
I was lucky enough to live the first 30 years of my life in Syria, where great people, places and history lived together in unimaginable harmony and love.
Fourteen years younger, I am bold and obese but still driven and possessed. I also added to my life a great family (Zaina, Jad and Dima) and many friends that are scattered all over the earth.
Every now and again, I hit rock bottom. I get tired working, thinking, coping with life demands, or reading the news. I bounce back with the help of the dear ones but mostly with the help of the magnificent memories that I accumulated growing up in Syria.
These memories and the harmony and love I encountered in Syria are real. I will die fighting for them and spreading awareness about them. Moreover, I am sure they will return and we will all return.
I will start my fight today by getting ready to face life again as the journey is yet to finish


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