Ramadan will be most probably tomorrow..

There will be many Muslims that are awaiting the arrival of this holy month. The different rituals are interesting:

Some Muslims will break their fast before praying, some will pray before Iftar.

Some will break their fast as soon as the sun disappears beyond the horizon. Others will wait for complete darkness before they start eating.

Some will pray with their hands by their sides, while others will have their hands resting at different levels on their chests or a bit below.

I personally tried a mix of all the above and many other traditions throughout the years. That was possible when I was in Syria. The tolerance back then was so high to the point that we used to celebrate each other differences. We didn’t kill each other back then, we didn’t accuse each others of hypocrisy or kufr. We shouted and fought but also in harmony, and only around the Iftar hours, in our quest to be with our families on time.

I remember well that we accepted that some elected not to fast. Not only that, we also invited Non-Muslims for Iftar meals; They didn’t just attend, they came fasting!

I personally believe that this tolerance is one of the reasons for whatever is happening back home. Today, I pray that those days return so my kids enjoy them, and celebrate Ramadan as an opportunity to fast, pray, lead a good life, and be closer to each other’s and Allah.

Ramadan Mubark my friends


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