Hamadafirst is an imaginary human being that lived in ancient Egypt and knew Tutankhamun, assisted the builders of the tower of Pisa, farmed with the Assyrians in Mesopotamia, fought with the army of the Incan empire, and travelled the Mediterranean with the Phoenicians. He appeared in countless other places, much more than he could recall. Throughout his existences, he befriended praying mantises and aspired to Learn from them. He lived many lives, but in each single one of them he returned to Syria to die and be buried there.

On the other hand, the guy in the picture is me; Ahmad Al Khayer; a human being on a journey that is yet to finish.  As a child, I dreamed of being an engineer, a scientist, a carpenter, a zoo keeper, and many other things. I grew up to be a physician instead.  I am captivated by the small details and the contradictions of life, and attracted to people’s experiences, relationships and emotions. Above all, I am fascinated by the wisdom of the current moment; the now.

All the posts on this blog are written by me. You are all welcome to read, comment and join me on the journey.

twitter @hamadafirst


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