Amman trip

Thank you Amman.. My short and first trip was awesome…

I enjoyed many things such as the walk from the third circle down to Rainbow street on my first day, the street cafe at the Luweibdeh mountain, the sight of olive trees along the airport road, the fresh food, the resemblance to my home, and the meeting with colleagues and friends…

Throughout my years in the Gulf, I developed close friendships with many Jordanians….I felt privileged and also welcomed as I was strolling along Amman’s roads, because I realised that my friends must have walked these roads on different occasions….I actually sensed their presence in the beautiful places I visited. And yes, that sensation was fantastically mesmerizing!!

Thank you Al-Ahmar Dr-Rami for the invitation… As for Amman, I shall go back one day!!



هناك في ذروة الشوق، يختال حزنٌ شامتٌ عظيم

و في ذروة الحب، تُعشّش غيرةٌ و حب تملّكٍ ذميم

أما الحنين، ففي ذروته يقهقه و يتمختر عجزٌ لئيم

و الفرح لا يكتمل إلا بالخوف من فقدانٍ مباغتٍ أليم

كذا المشاعر، ففي تناقضاتها و تداخلاتها تُختزل قصة نفسٍ و نديم

عيد مبارك

و ها قد شارف يوم آخر على الانتهاء، و اقترب الوقت الذي يضع واحدنا فيه رأسه على مخدته لينام…. و كذلك اقتربت مسرعةً لحظةٌ لا ينفع فيها اختلافٌ في دينٍ، او بلدٍ، او مالٍ، او لونٍ، او غيرهم الكثير….ينفع فيها فقط إحساسٌ بطمأنينة و راحة بال لكي تُغمِض عينٌ و تهدأ نفسٌ و يغفو عقل

لذلك و في هذا المساء المبارك لا أَجِد أفضل من أن أدعو لكم  أصدقائي بالطمأنينة و راحة البال، و بأن تحصلوا أو تصلوا لكل ما يضمن لكم دوامهما……… عيد مبارك


يعني الجمل ما شاف مكان احسن من الصحراء يعيش فيه في الأزمنة الغابرة.. يعني أكيد تعب كتير هالكائن حتى كوّن سنامه و وسائل الاصطفاء الاخرى… ممكن أسهله أو أحسنله لو سخّر هالمجهود في بداية رحلة تطوره حتى يهاجر باتجاه ما..

يتساءل مراقب تحت تأثير الحر الشديد

45 years old and counting

I always liked the number 4, but I grew up to love the number 5. This is because I realised that my life, like many others, runs in circles of five years. So having completed 9 of them already, I would claim that my age is 9! And yes, you read correctly. It is not the usual 21, it is the new concept of 9 that I am proposing!

Anyway, I planned so much for my day. But as plans always go, I ended up alone in a hotel room number 608. So to kill the time I started yesterday, on the eve of my birthday, to reflect on my personal achievements over the course of last year. As usual, I was not impressed, so I stopped this exercise altogether. Then out of my misery, an idea struck me like lightening, and I started hastily searching the internet for my chances of surviving next year instead. To my surprise other people studied this idea already. I actually found an interesting graph developed by Gompertz–Makeham in 1825. According to it I have 99% chance of being here next year. So in the light of this huge scientific discovery, I meditated and decided happily to postpone achieving my personal goals of being slimmer and fitter until next year or possibly the next circle of 5 years 🙂

On the note of procrastination at its best, I hope not, I will end up by wishing you all a happy day!

The graph is self explanatory. The cake on the other hand needs no explanation 🙂


The fourth letter

My son

As I was your age or a bit older, I started to ask questions related to what controls this universe. I read many books, and asked many friends. I jumped between many spiritual, philosophical, and scientific journeys.   However, only recently I started to approach this question through thinking of the history of humanity.  This letter is my most recent attempt to answer

Just recently it occurred to me that longtime ago and at the start of cognition, there were names to learn.  Random sounds gradually gave place to proper sentences. Reasoning followed, so was discovering and understanding the nature’s laws of interactions and communications.

Unmasking different levels or types of awareness started sometime after that. Human became quickly accustomed to the pleasure of these newly discovered states of body or mind. Richness, powerfullness, corruption, wiseness, drunkenness, and many other types of existence sprouted everywhere.  Somehow, they polluted or enriched the world of man.

The above is a way of understanding the history of life as we know it. I am sure, you will read or hear many other explanations. Most importantly for me is the fact that all names, languages, laws, ideas, levels of awareness, experiences, and types of existence have been present since the start of time.  Human have only been discovering them at different times.

Life has been continuously teaching the human race, that they have bearly scratched the surface of knowledge on their quest for meaning, and that they should expect much more wisdom to unearth.

Some people explain the above events by chances or random occurances, others mention evolution processes, and many believe solely in the cleaverness of our species. Personally, and though I believe that different theories explain different parts of the truth, I am still somehow adment that all are orchestrated by a Creator best known as a God!

The third letter

My Son

I guess I should start by an apology, as I didn’t finish these letters before your thirteenth birthday as I promised you. I was actually irrationally ambitious, and was only forced back to reality by the stress of our recent relocation to Abu Dhabi. By the way, I am also sorry that I put you through this challenge so early in your life, but looking back I would have never been able to do anything different. It has all started for me in Damascus. My pilgrimage journey started there.

I was seventeen or eighteen years old when I discovered the old city. However I spent the twelve years that followed visiting it or actually escaping to it on almost weekly if not on daily basis. There, I had a different life. In that tiny place, I experienced the peacefulness, honesty and yet the vulnerability of people. I discovered the harmonious coexistence of men and women from all religions and sects. I walked the streets with many friends. We loved and were loved. We grew up together, and discussed all the prohibited subjects of the time together. We actually dared to exchange opinions on love, politics, sex, religions, and many other forbidden topics. We danced, smoked, and got drunk. We enjoyed our imaginary enlightenment experiences. But most importantly we dreamed.

Sadly, my generation’s dream was to leave Syria seeking ambitions beyond what our country was able to fulfil. So as I reached my thirties, my journey started. By then, I felt that I accumulated enough experiences and memories in the old city of Damascus. I was ready for the next challenge. I was saturated with memories, and succumbed by the need for a fresh start. And I left. But, having left my beloved Damascus, the world became my horizon. In it I travelled, and to its winds I gifted my soul.

England, Scotland, and then Qatar trailed each other over the 15 years that followed. In Every place, I left a piece of me, but discovered many other pieces. I grew up as a man, and we grew up as a family. Most importantly, I sensed that traveling brought different level of consciousness, personal growth, experiences, and knowledge. Somehow, I always felt these gains were worthy of being followed and unearthed. These gains were so real and important to me to justify every relocation, and definitely to strongly validate the most recent move to Abu Dhabi.

My son, I am sure one day you will understand. But for now, I shall only ask you to try to celebrate the new existence and the new place, and to remember that the only certain moment is Now.