Amman trip

Thank you Amman.. My short and first trip was awesome…

I enjoyed many things such as the walk from the third circle down to Rainbow street on my first day, the street cafe at the Luweibdeh mountain, the sight of olive trees along the airport road, the fresh food, the resemblance to my home, and the meeting with colleagues and friends…

Throughout my years in the Gulf, I developed close friendships with many Jordanians….I felt privileged and also welcomed as I was strolling along Amman’s roads, because I realised that my friends must have walked these roads on different occasions….I actually sensed their presence in the beautiful places I visited. And yes, that sensation was fantastically mesmerizing!!

Thank you Al-Ahmar Dr-Rami for the invitation… As for Amman, I shall go back one day!!



غريبةٌ هي الحياة، حقيرٌ هو الزمن
ينتظر الواحد منّا دهراً من أجل فرصة أخرى
و يمر الزمن لا بل يدور الزمن، فهو ليس مستقيماً كما يبدو، و لكنّه حلقيٌ بامتياز
و يطول الانتظار و تتفاوت بالطول شعلة الأمل، تخبو احياناً و تتقد أُخرى
و يتسرب العجز و الاكتئاب و الرتابة و تتلون الحياة بمشتقات الرمادي و يستمر الانتظار
فقط عندما يمّل الانتظار منّا تأتي الفرصة
و لوهلة يصبح للحياة معنى
و لوهلة يفقد الماضي سواده و يطغى الأزرق على الألوان
و لوهلة ننسى العُمر الذي مضى و الحقائب التي حُمِّلناها
نفرح بها كفرح الأطفال بلعبة
و لوهلة ننسى أننا كبرنا و هرمنا، و أننا فقدنا الجرأة لعناق ألعابنا و الفرصة
فقط عندما نُدمن الانتظار تأتي الفرصة
محظوظٌ من يتجرأ على اغتنامها فيحترق بلهيبها و لو للحظة
لأنّه في تلك اللحظة قد ينكشف الوعي و يُصبح لكل شَيْءٍ معنى
ولأنّه في تلك اللحظة فقط قد تبدأ رحلة اللاعودة

Spiritual connection

Put all the hype aside..
Put all the discussions around renovations, tall buildings, expansions aside.
Put all the sectarian differences aside

There will always be at least one person, who is visiting the place for the first time, seeking some spiritual nourishment and searching for some truth…Last week this person was me…

Did I get any answers?
Well, I guess many. The most important is that Allah doesn’t reside in Makkah, Allah resides within each one of us.

Do we really visit many places seeking an answer, only to discover that we have been carrying it around within ourselves since the start of time??
My simple answer is yes. Visiting Makkah made things clearer. The difference is that for once I listened to my inner self . After all, the aim of all pilgrims from all faiths is to leave earthly baggages, surrender and listen. The rituals for visiting Makkah are so intense to help the willing person to do just that!

The clarity of this finding was so enormous and the spiritual connection was so thrilling to the point that I feel I must go back again or at least learn to listen more


Imperialist In Hong Kong

Yesterday at the ladies market (a traditional market in Hong Kong) I haggled a lot. I ended up buying nice souvenirs for very good price.
On the way back to the hotel, I used internet roaming to download a map. In two seconds, I spent all the money I saved at the market.
This was an eye opener; I was an imperialist yesterday. I participated again in making the poor poorer and the rich richer.

For that, I felt really sorry. I promised myself to go back to the market one day and haggle a bit less!!