The journey

Aiming for the top, excited but confused; struggling to choose the path and the companions!!
At the top, elated but alone; struggling to remember the journey and the people!!!


Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood is in my view a horror story.

Every time I read it to my kids, I feel I need to soften it a lot….  Below are three versions (there could be many more)

First version, The wolf and his gang enjoyed the delicious meal to the last bite. She and her grandmother shouted but nobody cared. The wolves grew happier with every scream…

Second version, she was smarter and quicker. She ran to her grandmother house. She anticipated the wolf and his gang. She killed them all and laughed loudly while doing so…

Third version. She saw the wolf. She was speechless. They must have met in a previous live. She forgot her grandmother altogether. She and the wolf lived happily ever after